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Standardization of rehabilitation medicine diagnostic and therapeutic technique training courses

[Time:2014-11-28]  Author:XiangYu

On September 14, 2013, standardized training courses in rehabilitation medicine diagnostic and therapeutic technique in Henan province neihuang zhongzhou international hotel a success.  Conferences supported by the Chinese Association of rehabilitation medicine, organized the first affiliated hospital of Zhengzhou University, Hebei provincial people's Hospital, xiangyu medical full sponsorship. Conference invited to Beijing in the day friendly hospital physical rehabilitation section Director thanks to Xiao Professor, Ministry of health rehabilitation medical training Center Director, and Hebei province people Hospital Rehabilitation Center Director Jia Zishan Professor, Wuhan Tongji hospital rehabilitation section Director Guo tiecheng Professor, PLA General Staff General Hospital (309 hospital), and army Orthopedic Center Deputy Director, and rehabilitation physiotherapy section director Huang Zhenjun Professor, Guangdong Province people hospital rehabilitation section Director Zhang Mingsheng Professor, CSU Hunan ya hospital rehabilitation center Liu Suixin Professor, First affiliated hospital of Zhengzhou University Professor He Yugong, Director Department of rehabilitation medicine, Professor yanyanning Hebei province people's Hospital, hospital physiotherapy department in Jiangsu Province, the second well-known experts such as Dr Zhu Yi, and the United States State of Texas Heart Hospital (Core Health) Rehabilitation Center, Director of PT treatment Ms Meredith Nichols.  Their wonderful speeches, but also to bring you a gluttonous feast of knowledge. Conference attracted people from all provinces, municipal hospital, head of the Department of rehabilitation and a total of more than 150 people. Through this meeting, I believe that there are more people on the rehabilitation treatment have a better understanding and knowledge, enhancing communication between peers, and rehabilitation clinic to promote application of new technology in the clinical work has played an active role. And also to provide further relief to patients ' pain and construct a harmonious doctor-patient relationship, Zeng Jin Tian Xiu.